The Department of Art and Art History would like to thank Gene Gort for jurying the awards for this year’s exhibition. Gene is an experienced artist, video producer, media programmer, enthusiastic witness, and educator.

Credit is also due to the staff, faculty, and students who have made this work and exhibition possible. The following faculty put forward their students’ work for this exhibition:

Amy Davis, Andy Deck, Alla Dubrovich, Ben Gaydos, Craig Kelley, Amanda Sikarskie, Cristen Velliky, and Rebecca Zeiss

A very warm “thank you” to all of the students who have contributed to the exhibition. They include:

Le Bailey, Kinsey Beauchamp, Michaela Becker, Octavia Blackwell, Jeremy Bishop, Ciara Bowers, Kylee Brown-McCutchen, Isabella Bupp, Faith Butler, Aja Chase, Gwendalyn Cordier, Paige Cronce, Catie Cunningham, Carol Dahdal, Liv Dams, Casey DeMoss, Alainna Fry, Kelly Gartley, Sameya Ghoseyni, Avery Hambleton, MaKenna Hatherill, Arielle Hermann, Rae-Ahna Hernandez, Courtney Hosler, Tospol “Mike” Hutasangkas, Gus Ivanac, Holley Johnson, Jeremiah Johnson, Jacey Kellaway, Atlas Kenyon, Kendall Keener, Jessica Kolevar, Aya Lamielle, Rachel Landes, Nyx Levis, Alexandra Loewen, Felicity Long, Jacob Long, Merissa Lopez, Jenn Mata, Courtney Messler, Ian McAlindon, Emma McLaughlin, Isabella Mellish, Asya Meredith, Courtney Messler, Kylie Miller, Becca Mitchell, Micah Mitchell, Ellen Moore, Caitlin Morgan, Tricia Nadrowski, Isabella Mellish, Shannon O’Connell, Juliet Paye, Keneddy Pearson, Megan Pellegrini, Claire Perry, Jessica Peterson, Brie Polehna, Sara Puscas, Kanzas Reagle, Ella Reedy, Brie Root, Vanessa Russo, Kevin Shaw, Susan Shaw, Sydnee Sheldon, Amoz Smith, Nicklas Smith, Mary Grace Spoelman, Samantha Taylor, Ryan Teare, MacKenzie Thompson, Linda H. Truong, Veronica VanCleve, Matt Warren, Kanetra Watkins, Patricia Wisenbaugh, Cole Wolfe, Gabrielle Wyrick

The Student Exhibition Committee for 2022-2023 has been an all-hands-on-deck production with contributions from Rebecca Zeiss, Andy Deck, Cristen Velliky, Ben Gaydos, Tricia Wintermeyer, Audrey Scribner, and Tricia Nadrowski. Thanks also to Audrey Banks, who worked extensively on the installation at GFAC.

The poster for the exhibition was made possible by student Jeremy Bishop. The landing page graphic was made possible by student Linda H. Truong.