The Department of Art and Art History would like to thank Ash Arder for jurying the awards for this year’s exhibition.

Credit is also due to the staff, faculty, and students who have made this work and exhibition possible. The following faculty put forward their students’ work for this exhibition:

Amy Davis, Andy Deck, Alla Dubrovich, Ben Gaydos, Christian Gerstheimer, Michael Sevick, Cristen Velliky, and Rebecca Zeiss

A very warm “thank you” to all of the students who have contributed to the exhibition under trying circumstances. They include:

Michaela Becker, Nicole Greenen, Camille Kowalko, Mary Grace Spoelman, Katelyn Stuck, Sameya Ghoseyni, Mizahnyi Tipton-Thomas, Nakia Lester, Samantha Torres, Jessica Peterson, Gabrielle Wyrick, Caitlin Morgan, Stephanie Bennett, Megan Pellegrini, Ellen Moore, April Bartle, Izabela Deman, Rachel Landes, Eleni Batsios, Arianna Boese, Connor Houle, Rae-Ahna Hernandez, Ishmal Sapp, Christopher Hartman, Brie Root, Claire Perry, Jenna Burnfield, Emily Borst, Darrick Strozier, Isabella Mellish, Jessica Peterson, Jacey Kellaway, Samantha Sheltraw, Colin Heeke, Ayden Jeffrey Harton, Anna Schuller, Mal Sansiribhan, Madeline Bluthardt, Lxs De Signer, Haley Sordyl, Gabrielle Wyrick, Brie Polehna, Octavia Blackwell, Gwendalyn Cordier, Katelyn Siebert, Shelby Shovein, Alvin Jermaine Brown, Jr., Brooke TenEyck, Courtney Messler, Linda H. Truong, Ian McAlindon, Felicity Long, Molly McLaughlin, Kylie Miller, Jacquelyn Letavis, Courtney Hosler, Mariah Tolston, Tricia Nadrowski, Rachel Landes, Isabella Mellish, Samantha Gutierrez, Darrin Arbor, Olivia Maxwell-Cook, Jacob Long, Gracy Hershey, Octavia Blackwell, Jarrett Collins, Bella Bupp, Sara Puscas, Jacqueline Towarnicky, Samantha Storm, Riley Andrews, Patricia Wisenbaugh, Jenn Mata, Audrey Banks, Erika C. Xavier de Melo, Kanzas Reagle, Asya Meredith, Samantha Gutierrez, Jacob Long

For the first time ever, the work of UM Flint artists and designers has entered the ‘metaverse’ through the creative programming of recent alumnus Marquise “Mia” Medal, who coordinated and produced a parallel student exhibition called The Artist in U.

The Student Exhibition Committee for 2021-2022 has been an all-hands-on-deck production with contributions from Rebecca Zeiss, Andy Deck, Cristen Velliky, Ben Gaydos, Michael Sevick, Patricia Wintermeyer, and Tricia Nadrowski. Thanks also to Audrey Banks, who worked extensively on the installation at GFAC.

The poster and landing page graphic for the exhibition includes a photo by student Nicholas Berklich.

A special thank you to Andy Deck for his leadership and expertise in orchestrating the online exhibition.